URL forwarding

Redirect traffic from multiple domain names to a single site with domain name forwarding. (i.e. example1.com, example2.com, example3.com can all forward or point to example.com). This service also includes "URL Framing" which allows your chosen domain name (i.e example1.com), to appear on the browser address bar.

E-mail Forwarding

Easily create up to 5 email addresses using your domain name, for example, sales@your domain.com, info@your domain.com and have them forwarded to an existing mailbox.

Total DNS control

Point your domain name using any of the latest host records through "CNAME" (alias), "A" (addess), MX (email servers), and even TXT (for advanced settings such as SPF for Spam protection).

Easy to use Domain Manager

Easy and powerful tool that allows you to manage all you domain names from one central place. This service was recently improved for better efficiency and user satisfaction.

Parking Page

Park your domain name for free until you are ready to start building your site. TIP: This may help getting your site into search engines.

Domain Expiring Notifications

We will remind you to renew your domains 60, 30, and 7 days prior to expiration. You will also receive a notification if your domain expires. You'll never forget to renew your domain or lose it because of expiration.

Dedicated Customer support

Namesonic is dedicated to providing you the best customer service. We are available to you 24 hours a day through email.



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